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proclaimed offender in 498a


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NO Proclaimed Offender if 498a FIR is ON

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Do U know 498A Accused cant be declared Proclaimed Offender
Following is the Judgement:
An FIR was registered U/S Sections 279 and 337 IPC, which was not there under
section 4 of 82 and hence quashed. The same judgement can be used for challenging
P.O. declared under any section which is not there under section 4 of crpc 82. Note that
498A also, doesnt fall under that section of 82. So tecnically P.O. should not be
declared if any FIR is filed under section 498A.
CWP No.13842 of 2010
Satinder Singh Vs. The State of U.T., Chandigarh and another
Present: Mr.Vivek Singla, Advocate
for the petitioner.
Mr.Sanjay Kaushal, Senior Standing Counsel with
Ms.Smriti Dhir, Advocate for U.T., Chandigarh.
* * *
Permod Kohli, J. (Oral)
Petitioner is an accused in FIR No.177, dated 15.8.2002, under
Sections 279 and 337 IPC, registered at Police Station Sector 19, Chandigarh.
Admittedly, the petitioner did not appear before the trial Court for
considerable period and the trial Court was constrained to issue notice under
Section 82 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. It appears that on the basis of
the report of constable serving the notice, petitioner has been declared
proclaimed offender by passing order dated 1.5.2008.
The petitioner has challenged the notice as well as the order
passed by the Chief Judicial Magistrate, 1st Class, Chandigarh in this petition.
The only contention raised by learned counsel for the petitioner is
that the Magistrate could not have declared the petitioner as proclaimed
offender as he is not accused of any of offences specified under sub section 4
of Section 82 Cr.P.C. and as such he could be declared proclaimed offender.
So far as the order declaring the petitioner otherwise as proclaimed offender is
concerned, the same is in contravention to sub section 4 Section 82 Cr.P.C and
thus liable to be quashed.
I order, accordingly.
In so far as the proclamation to declare the petitioner as a
proclaimed person is concerned, the petitioner may surrender before the
Magistrate and the Magistrate will proceed in accordance with law. Petition
disposed of in view of the above directions.
( Permod Kohli )
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proclaimed offender in 498a

PLEASE FIRST READ DISCLAIMER AT BOTTOM* NOTE:- Advise available for all countries  laws  vis-a-vis adultery & divorce so if you w...